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                LANMENG BATHROOM POD

                Lanmeng integral toilet, with automobile level safety toughened glass and aviation aluminum as the main frame raw materials, is designed as a whole and standardized by precision CNC equipment. It is an integral bathroom solution that organically integrates the three functions of shower, washing and toilet as well as water supply system, drainage system, circuit system and other supporting facilities.
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                  Ready to use

                  4 hours fast installation, ready to use!

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                  A customization

                  Industry innovation, support non-standard customization!

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                  No waterproof

                  Integrated PVC leakproof bottom basin, no waterproof!

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                  Deodorization and blocking

                  Patented floor drain, anti odor and anti blocking!

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                  Stable and durable

                  No shaking, no deformation, no abnormal sound!

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                  Safety and environmental protection

                  Health and environmental protection materials, no construction waste!


                Lanmeng integral toilet is applicable to all kinds of new toilets, all kinds of buildings that are not suitable for destructive decoration, and all kinds of prefabricated buildings

                       Zhejiang Lanmeng Intelligent Sanitaryware Co.,Ltd.was establised in 1994,which is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research,development,production,sale and service of bathroom pod.
                Since 1994,our independently researched bathroom pod has obtained more than 50 national intellectual property right.Our company was named as Zhejiang science and technology enterprises,got more than 100 honors.We have the national quality system certification,3C certification and has the right to export.

                Our bathroom includes wall,roof,tray,external andinternal all accessories water and electricity facilities...

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